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$25 Target & $25 Starbucks Gift Certificates for Only $3!

Posted by Lisa

How it works:

Nicole’s Savings Advantage is a discount shopping club. As a member, you have access to deep discounts and savings. In order to get you to try it for yourself, they offer this special deal: get the first 30 days of your membership for $2.95 and just for trying it, you’ll get a free $25 Target gc and for a limited time, you’ll also get a $25 Starbucks gc!!!

When you sign up, click on the TERMS AND CONDITIONS link at the bottom of the page and note the address, phone and email address should you decide to cancel. Give this club an honest try. If you decide to continue, you’ll pay $9.95 per month (after the first month). If not, keep the gift cards and owe nothing more.

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