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Growing Importance of Kitchen Gardens/4 Types of Apples in 1 Tree

Posted by Lisa

As more Americans feel the effects of the economy, kitchen gardens are becoming more popular.  Admittedly, I haven’t been the best gardener – yes, I feel the shame of calling myself frugal and not keeping a consistent garden, especially since we live in Texas and have two growing seasons.  Our family has completely gotten into the groove for this spring though.  We’ve even talked Grandma into a garden at her house and she’s gone above and beyond!

I have planted my seeds and am tending to them indoors until March 15th.  We are slowly readying the outdoor plot, worms are being pampered indoors (they’re being fed, they’re happy, growing and multiplying), and we’re composting!  It’s mine and Grandma’s latest obsession.

Grandma found the coolest thing for the garden.  She found an apple tree that produces four different types of apples, all of which will grow well in our climate!  We’re also into fruit bearing trees and bushes, but I really want to tell you about this incredible tree.  I never knew they existed.  I didn’t know one could graft to make these trees possible.  Our tree won’t be shipped until March and I’m very much looking foward to seeing what the branches and blossoms will look like.  In the meantime, if you’re interested in looking at/purchasing one of these funny conversation pieces, you can look at Miller’s Nursery.  The trees are only about $30.  Miller’s is a well-established nursery with a great reputation.

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