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Make Lip Gloss from Broken Eye Shadow & Blush

Posted by Lisa

How many times have we thrown away make-up before its time simply because it cracked?  Let’s face it.  Once it cracks, it’s difficult to keep it from turning into tiny, unusable chunks.  Well, here’s a wonderful little tip on how to put those broken pieces to great use.

Make your own lip gloss!  All you have to do is finely crush the make-up with the back of a spoon, the handle of a table knife or whatever you have.  It’s easy to turn it back into powder.  Then mix it with a little petroleum jelly and voila!  Lip gloss!  Eye shadows are the best.  They offer many shimmery colors.  It’s great to use old blush as well.  That way you’ll have lip gloss that matches the color of your blush!

You can store your creations in those tiny little lip balm jars.  I get 3 of them in a bag for $1 at the dollar store.

There you have it – a frugal answer to recycling those old, broken make-up compacts all women have stored somewhere in the back of the bathroom cupboard.  For more fabulous tips, check out all the “Works for Me Wednesday” posts over at Rocks in My Dryer.  If you just came from there, check out my home page for more frugal deals.

  1. Adrienne Said,

    That’s a great idea!

    I’ve also managed to salvage broken eye shadows and blushes by crushing them into powder and storing them in small pots (old film containers work great) and applying the color with an eyeshadow or blush brush. I’ve even mixed a few colors to get a new look!

  2. Makeup Girl Said,

    this was sweet

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