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Do You Haggle?

Posted by Lisa

When it came to buying my first new car, my father told me, “Everything is negotiable.”  How right he was – not only the price of the car, but the warranty as well.  Don’t worry.  I haven’t purchased a new car since.  I’m a firm believer in used vehicles and I certainly haggle like everyone else.

Haggling isn’t reserved for those buying cars and homes.  In fact, in today’s economy, haggling is on the rise.  You might want to consider trying it especially if you’re making a high dollar purchase.

Haggling Tips

  • Don’t be attached to what you are haggling for.  You must be prepared to walk away empty-handed.
  • Know when you can and can’t haggle.  Pick your battles.  Bargain at flea markets, large electronics shops, mom & pop stores, craft stores, jewelry stores, and any service related business.  Any purchases you are buying in bulk or buying multiples of should be haggled.  Haggling for groceries (unless you’re buying in serious bulk) will be a disappointment and will make you look cheap.  Some stores have strict policies against haggling.
  • Know whom to haggle with.  Store clerks usually don’t have the authority.  You’ll probably need to speak with the manager/owner.
  • Before you head out the door, do some research on pricing.  This will arm you with evidence that their rival can give you the product cheaper.
  • Set a price in your head and don’t budge.
  • Be polite and respectful.  Don’t evoke anger.  Don’t haggle too long or in front of onlooking or listening customers.
  • Point out imperfections of the product.

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