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Before Heading Out to Shop Black Friday Deals

Posted by Lisa

Remember to consider the following types of stores: Resale shops, garage sales (many items are sold in original, unopened packaging), warehouse/outlet stores, pawn shops, online with free coupon codes and free shipping (look here), Walmart accepts all competitor sale ads (even for electronics).

There are still some programs that are shopper friendly. Rebate programs are great money savers. I know Kohl’s has some incredible rebate deals going on. Remember lay-away programs? They’re back in many of the larger retail stores! Just ask. It makes more sense than putting it on credit.

We don’t use credit cards to pay for holiday gifts. If we don’t have the cash in hand, it isn’t purchased. Going into debt is not the spirit of the holiday. Depression and guilt aren’t my thing either, so we stick with cash and a well thought through and researched shopping plan.

If you’re lucky enough to celebrate Christmas late, don’t even shop now. Wait until the day after Christmas when prices dive. When I was in college, my family celebrated Christmas on New Year’s Day because I have a sister who is a nurse and when she was single, she offered to take the Christmas Day shifts. She was sweet to do that for her co-workers and it also saved her family a bundle of cash.

If you’re reading this blog, chances are you don’t have a personal shopper and wads of cash burning a hole in your pocket. Whatever your plans are for Black Friday, I hope you have lots of fun with whomever you’re sharing this crazy experience with. Best of luck getting the greatest deal for each item.

If you’re interested in helpful websites for Black Friday, click here, and scroll down to read previous posts. Happy shopping!

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