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Prices Might Not Be Rising, But Product Is Shrinking

Posted by Lisa

As consumers are tightening a grip on the old pocketbook, manufacturers aren’t necessarily raising prices, but they’re skimping on coupons, and changing their packaging which is even more irritating to frugal shoppers like us. Have you noticed how the coupons have changed over the last six months? Even worse, though is this new marketing tactic.

Here is an example (Skippy peanut butter) of how items may still appear the same, but after a close inspection, you will see how we’re still paying the same price, but receiving less product. Doesn’t that just irritate you?

Starkist is another offender – downsized their 6oz. can to a 5oz. can.

Apple Jacks cereal has gone from an 11oz. box down to an 8.7 oz. box, but the box is actually the same size.

Tropicana OJ has gone from 96oz. to 89oz., and the bottle is still as tall as it was before.

Sparkle paper towels have a Big Roll (90 sheets) and a new Giant Roll (84 sheets). Since when is Big bigger than Giant?

Breyers ice cream still has the same package size, but instead of getting the old 1.75 quarts, we’re now getting 1.5 quarts.

Tubs of Country Crock still look the same, but they’ve gone from 3lbs. to 2lbs., 13oz.

Bars of Dial Soap for Men have gone from 4.5oz. to 4 oz.

Okay, if this doesn’t chap your hide (no pun intended) nothing will. Scott brand toilet paper is still 1000 sheets, but the sheet size has changed! That’s right. Instead of a sheet being 4 inches long, it is now 3.7 inches long.

And don’t even get me started on products which are getting watered down (like the larger size Act mouth wash, packages of cooked ham/pork, etc.). Who wants to pay for water?

Not all manufacturers are guilty, but the list of examples is far more extensive than what I’ve listed. Yes, it’s all legal and up to the shopper to realize. Yes, people will still pay for that which they want, but I’ve got to tell you…it’s irritating!

Sites like mouseprint.org help us remain savvy, frugal shoppers.

That’s enough of my Saturday morning, non-PMSing rant. You may join in with a comment if you’d like.

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