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Black Friday 2008 Deals Sites

Posted by Lisa

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving – the biggest shopping day of the year. Parking lots are full of cars and the insane camp out at the doors of electronic stores hoping to score the best deals before stock runs out. They have their lists, strategies and teams of family members/friends to divide and conquer. This is actually a fun activity for many.

No thank you! A gal like me, who hates to shop, would hurl under the pressure. Wouldn’t it just be me who picked up the item that turned the woman next to me into a drooling, fang bearing, firey-eyed monster? She’d claw at me and I’d come home a bloody, crying mess. That’s how I picture myself shopping on Black Friday. I would rather shop early and shop online to avoid it.

However, I know there are some of you who, because you’re frugal and still enjoy shopping, absolutely love Black Friday. If that’s the case, below are some great sites for all Black Friday 2008 deals. I may sneak down to Half Price Books early, early in the morning (Shhh. I don’t want anyone to know I’m going to be a closet Black Friday shopper this year. Just one store though. Shhh.) Can you believe it’s less than a month away?


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