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CVS August 2008 Monthly Deals

Posted by Lisa

Here are the August ECB deals at CVS. Remember monthly deals are different than weekly deals (although sometimes they put monthly deals in the weekly sale ads). Always keep your latest receipt to keep track of deals you’ve maxed on.

If you’re new to shopping at CVS for free, go here to learn it all.

You will want to shop on the morning of the 1st of the month to get the deals. I don’t know about all the other CVS stores, but the 5 in my area of town do not replenish monthly ECB stock after it initially runs out. I’ve waited before the whole month and they never restocked. It seems only the greedy get the deals. So be greedy and show up first thing on the 1st of the month.:)

Another thing…my stores usually start the new sale week on Saturday (times vary depending on manager). However, the monthly sales do not start until the morning of the 1st. By the afternoon, they’re wiped out of all the good stuff.

Hope I’ve been helpful. I just don’t want you to miss out on those great one day monthly deals.

  1. Kim Said,

    Not feeling much CVS love for the month of August ECBs–anybody else feel the same way?

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