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Kids Party Games

Posted by Lisa

Frugal birthday parties work for me! When my kids were younger, we always did parties at home. I have since sworn off boy parties at home. Even five boys in our house deafens me. We had indoor and outdoor games (mostly outdoor). Here’s our list.

1. Races – running, running backward, rolling peanut with nose, blowing a cotton ball across the floor, crab walk, with an m&m on a spoon, with a balloon between their knees, hopping on one foot, 3-legged, after twirling around with forhead on a bat.

2. Teams – toilet paper cocoon, treasure or penny hunt, tug-o-war, hoola-hoop pass (Each team holds hands and the hoola-hoop is placed on someone’s arm. It must get passed all the way around the circle without any team members letting go of hands.) Always name the teams.

3. Misc. – guess the number of items in a jar, draw items while blindfolded (turtle, house, mother, etc.), musical pillows, spit the pit (boys love this) – use a target and sunflower seeds, frizbee toss, freeze tag, balloon stomp (tie a balloon around each persons ankle and let them try to pop each others’ by stomping on them, limbo contest, pinata

Pass the socks please – each person gets a wrapped candy (smarties work well), the kids on each team get in a line. Each team gets one pair of socks. The first person to go has to put the socks on his hands, unwrap the candy and put it in his mouth, take the socks off and pass them to the next person on the team (who does the same thing). First team done wins!

End it all with a massive water balloon war! This is fun in hot or cool weather. Just make sure each child brings a towel to the party.

The winner of each game always gets about 5 m&m’s. Every once in a while you might want to yell “Everyone wins!” and just give everyone 5 m&m’s. This works well when little ones start to pout about not winning.

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