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Round-Up Saturday

Posted by Lisa

For bloggers, Amy at Mom Advice has a good article called What in the World is Twitter?. Twitter is one of the many traffic building devices you can benefit from.

Mrs. Micah has a good read on What Happens if Your Bank Fails? Is your money safe? How many banks have failed? How much money does the FDIC have?

Trent, over at The Simple Dollar has a wonderful article called Undermining Your Frugality. It’s all about our tendency to blow a windfall of cash whenever we get it. Whether it be a stimulus check, an inheritance, a bonus, etc. if we don’t have a specific plan and self-control, we’re just tossing that money out of our pockets on consumables.

Life as Mom wrote an article I couldn’t agree with more. It’s called Don’t Be So Loyal. It’s all about how much brand loyalty can harm your frugality. I must admit though, as much as I’ve forced myself to not be brand loyal, there are a few brands I refuse to give up. They’re worth the extra money to me.

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