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Blog Scouting

Posted by Lisa

Works For Me Wednesday is what works for me! I absolutely love checking out all the sites. I don’t click on your link to read only your one article for the week and give you one hit. If I like you, I check you out daily or weekly depending on how often you post and I enjoy linking to your good articles. Just look at my blogroll. I’ve found most of you through your WFMW post or through someone’s blog roll who posted on WFMW. Now I visit you often.

I started my blog in March and now, on any given day, I get somewhere between 500-1400 hits, and my stats keep going up every week (last week was my biggest jaw dropper). WFMW is one of the reasons. There is nothing comparable to participating in this every week.

What is important to me when scouting a new blog? 2 things are of utmost importance. Content and frequency. Content that appeals to me personally is anything about frugality, simplicity, finances, green living, easy recipes, home and family ideas, etc. You know, the content y’all are so good at posting. Belly-button musings aren’t my thing. I also want to be fed daily, so I frequent blogs with daily posts. Staying up and in tune is important to me as I check out my daily reads.

Still important, but not as much as the above mentioned, are a personal touch and linkage. I love to see your personality in your blog writings – especially your humor. It’s sweet and prods me when you’re constantly pointing me to Christ. I appreciate an obvious love for the Lord, family and wholesomeness. I also like seeing that you’re not afraid to give credit where credit is due. I’ve learned acknowledging a good find, whether it’s a shopping deal or a good read, is noble in the blogging world and, in a round about way, is self-promoting. I also like to see a long blogroll.

Of no importance to me is how much advertising you have, or how much “importance” you have in the blogging world. There are some incredible “small time” blogs out there that I just LOVE! I love the heart behind the writing.

Overall, what I prefer is daily writing salted with personality. I may not know you in real life, but I do consider you my friends. Isn’t that funny? So, if I haven’t met you yet, introduce yourself to me in an email or comment and I’ll come visit!

If I had the time, I’d spend all day Wednesday checking out all 300+ of you who post on WFMW. Sadly I can’t but I look forward to tryin’ my darndest.

  1. Slacker Mom Said,

    You are so right – I enjoy the sense that I am getting to know the people who are writing and I like the personal stories about things that have worked for them or things that are changing their lives.

    Great post!

  2. Kirsty Said,

    Just tried to comment-apparently got eaten, so you may get me twice ;) Just found your blog and like what I see so far! I really appreciate people who share financial tips in an accessible way since I definitely belong on the low financial-IQ couch, but always trying to improve! Thanks for all the tips, I will definitely be checking back!

  3. Becky Said,

    What a great blog post! It gave me some important things to think about. Thanks for sharing!

  4. kristen Said,

    I am always looking into new blogs! I love your criteria. If you don’t have time to read all entries today, do what I do…. Go back and read them throughout the week! I love reading everyone’s and would hate to miss a good one ;)

  5. Memarie Lane Said,

    I agree on the content and belly button musings. When I visit a new blog, I’m less likely to return if I see a lot of memes and such. Even if it means posting less often, I’d rather see true content.

  6. Amanda Said,

    Hi Lisa! I found you, guess how? :) I love finding new blogs, too!

    I have a question… I’ve been blogging for almost five years, and I’m still such a technical doofus I don’t know how to find out my daily hit number. Where do I look?? Thanks!

  7. Lisa Said,


    You use blogspot, but I use WordPress, so I don’t know how to tell you to look for your stats. You can visit PursuingSimplicity.blogspot.com and ask Vickie. She has great stats, is a computer whiz and helps me along. Hope that’s of some help.

  8. Annie Said,

    I loved reading about Blog Scouting. I too love to find new blogs and I can usually tell within a minute or two what I think. For instance, immeditely, I liked your “voice.” I’ll be coming back for more! Thanks for articulating this information.

  9. Christi D. Said,

    Amanda- you can sign up on Feedburner. They will give you your daily totals, which pages get the most visits, where people are coming from and going to. It’s very helpful info. Hope that helps :)

    Thanks for this post, Lisa- I am just getting started so it’s nice to see what people enjoy reading. I’m really trying to go into it thinking that what matters is that I enjoy doing it and not necessarily how many readers I get….but all that to say that I want some readers or it’s no fun and there’s no interaction!

  10. Stacy Said,


    I have lots of frugal tips and recipes on my blog, under the TIGHTWAD TUESDAY category. You will find recipes for body care items (shampoo, anti-perspirant, facial cleanser, Bath & Body hand soaps, sugar scrub), plus LOTS of homemade cleaning recipes. My all-purpose cleaner also kills germs, so I not only use it to clean my windows, I use it to clean my countertops! I have laundry soap, fabric softener, homemade shout recipes and so much more! I hope you can stop by!

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