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Mailbag Monday

Posted by Lisa

Once again it’s time for us to stuff our mailboxes full of freebies! If you don’t already have a secondary email (junk email), you might want to establish one just in case you get hit with 3,000 emails because you’re wanting these little extras. Yes, you need to sign up for all these freebies, but presents in the mail are sweet! I can’t vouch for any of these deals, but I’m taking advantage of them all.

There are two great sites I visit to get these deals. They have a ton of samples to sign up for. However, many of them require you to endure extensive surveys or a purchase (ever so small, but still…a purchase). Since I use a junk email account I don’t want coupons emailed to me. The sample freebies I list will always have easy forms to fill out (maybe a short list of questions I think are appropriate), will not have purchase requirements attached, and will come to your mailbox. I really try to weed out, best I can, offers that require too much personal information, extensive questions, junk offers, etc. I’ll do the work for you if you want to take advantage of these wonderful little freebies.

Here we go!

Skin Savvy pack by Dove
Pero all natural caffeine free instant beverage
Rainforest Treasure Tea
Tampax Pearl
Huggies Diapers
Nivea Men Extreme Comfort
Pantene Color Expressions
Signature Scents Bath & Body
Eucerin Redness Relief
AZO Standard

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