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Round-Up Saturday

Posted by Lisa

Here’s my list of good and short reads for the week. Hope you enjoy them as well.

Heather over at Freebies 4 Mom wrote a good article about fraudulent coupons. They are the reason why many stores have a policy that states if a coupon isn’t received by their scanner, they don’t accept it. Because of that, they don’t accept many of my legit. coupons I print. My printer sometimes prints the bar code a little too squiggly so the scanner doesn’t accept. Then I have to dig through the grocery bags and return items. I sometimes just can’t swallow paying full price when I have a perfectly good coupon.

Here is an article on different homemade frozen treat ideas from Wise Bread. This is a frugal post. A yummy one too. Cold foods and drinks help keep me and the kiddos cool in this Texas heat.

If you’re interested in buying a HUD foreclosure home, Dough Roller has a great article that can get you thinking.  This article was written by someone who has purchased more than one HUD home.

  1. Dough Roller Said,

    Thanks so much for the link to my article on buying HUD foreclosures. There really are some great deals right now, whether you are looking for your own home or an investment. Thanks again. Best, DR

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