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Posted by Lisa

For all you migraine sufferers out there, this post is for you. I’m one of those women who suffers from horrible migraines. They used to put me out of commission as I’d have to go to bed in a room as dark as I could get it in the middle of the afternoon. I went to my doctors (OB/GYN and Internist), but all they wanted to do was put me on regular meds. Aside from the fact I’m too young to be put on regular meds for anything, these particular types of meds (for migraines) are typically what they use for people with seizures. When a migraine came on, my choices were:

1. Go to bed and endure the pain until I fell asleep
2. Take the meds and go to bed because they made me so sleepy

Either way, I was out of commission for the rest of the day. I saw Excedrin Migraine and thought I’d give it a try. It’s a combination of caffeine and aspirin. I have found that if I take it at the beginning of my headache (there’s a window of time before the headache becomes “full blown”) it completely takes care of it. Even if I wait until it’s full blown, it still helps tremendously.

I know a couple of my triggers are sugar and lack of sleep. However, even when avoiding these triggers, I still get migraines. No one in my immediate family suffers from them, but my mother-in-law used to. Her migraines went away after she went through menopause. I’m hopeful. Until I finish menopause, I will endure with the help of Excedrin Migraine.

I have gotten this product for free and for pennies on the dollar. I’m well stocked thanks to CVS and Walgreens (not to mention the manufacturer and it’s coupons). Seriously, this is a MUST HAVE product for me as I average around 15 headaches per month.

If you’re on regular meds for migraines and struggle with that, and if you’ve never used Excedrin Migraine, I sure hope you give it a try. I was thrilled there is something over the counter that works because plain aspirin, Tylenol, Advil, etc. didn’t even touch the pain. Neither did several natural remedies I tried. Hope this little post helps even one person.

I should add here that it’s important for a migraine sufferer to make sure he/she is getting magnesium, vitamins B & D and fatty acids.  Other great items are Feverfew and Petasite.

  1. Elizabeth Said,

    Thanks for recommending this, I’ll have to try it. Right now, I slap some Vicks Vaporub on my head and crawl into a dark room to cry…… I’m willing to try ANYTHING else at this point!

  2. Toni Said,

    I am 46 and going through pre-menopause. I have done extensive research because I too suffer from severe migraines. I have noticed a considerable change with regular exercise, avoiding trigger foods and drinking more soy products. If I drink a soy protien shake every day I will not get migraines.

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