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Some Link Love and Hello Again!

Posted by Lisa

Since I wasn’t in the blogging groove over the weekend, I missed my Round-Up Saturday post and the chance to give some link love. Here are some goodies for you. Hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

This is a recipe for 88c Chocolate Mousse. Mmmmmm. Anything chocolate is worth a link, right? Frugal or not!

I enjoy reading just about anything from Frugal Dad. This is an article on Your Misery Index. Who’s to blame? Food for thought.

Here is an article if you or your children ever face that “I’ve got to have it” mental struggle over stuff. My children may feel deprived of stuff right now (especially electronic stuff), but I’m hoping they’ll thank me when they’re 30.

Ahhh, it was nice to take the weekend off, but now it’s back to deal hunting. I need to wake up and get back in the groove. I just started drinking coffee a couple months ago. Yes, that horrid habit. Is this a day for a second cup? Maybe I should reach for a good B-complex vitamin and kick the coffee habit. I’ve gotten out of that good habit. By the way, women my age (ahem, 43) if you’re napping in the afternoon or struggling not to, try a good B-complex vitamin. It can solve that little problem (FYI). I have GOT to get back to more healthful living. Break over!

Are we having a deal-dud grocery & CVS week or what? If you haven’t been in the frugal mindset for very long, you should be told that there are several holiday weekends where there are few great deals to be had. This is always one of them. The week leading up to the 4th is good, but the weekend of…another story.

  1. Frugal Dad Said,

    Glad to see you back at it! Thanks for sharing my article with your readers.

  2. Gretchen Said,

    Thank you for linking to my chocolate mousse post!

    Watch out for that coffee!! Try some tea in the afternoon instead. Less caffeine but still gives a bit of a boost. Iced tea is great now!

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