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Round-Up Saturday

Posted by Lisa

I enjoy passing on good frugal reads. Hope you find something of interest today.  I know  there are only 2, but I haven’t had much time to peruse my frugal friends’ blogs.

Simple Mom wrote a brief article about making nutritious, simple baby food from scratch . It’s easy and frugal. Anyone can do it and it doesn’t take much time.

I love this article from Paid Twice. It’s about strategies to fight the take-out urge. I am the queen of forgetting to defrost the meat for dinner and not realizing it until 6pm. Oops. Now what? There have been several nights of sandwiches or cereal because I don’t want to go out (well, actually I do, but I also want to practice frugality). These suggestions beat cold cereal.

That’s it for link love this week.

  1. Toblerone @ Simple Mom Said,

    Thanks for the link! I appreciate it.

  2. Lisa Said,

    You’re quite welcome. Thanks for the great post!

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