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Cook Bacon in the Oven – No Mess!

Posted by Lisa

Am I the last person in the world to learn about this? We don’t eat a lot of bacon at our house – maybe 4x/year, but when I cook it, I hate the splattering mess it leaves all over half my kitchen. Love the smell, hate the mess.

I’ve got a new strategy now that a friend clued me in about how to cook it. Here is what I now do. Place the strips on a broiler pan and line the bottom part of the pan with foil (easy clean up). Preheat to 400 and bake for:

10-15 minutes for thin cut
15-17 minutes for crispy
*add 4-6 minutes to above time if you have thick slices

Slices won’t look firm and crispy until after they cool.

Drain on paper towels. To keep bacon warm, drop the oven to 150-200 and put cooked bacon on an oven safe plate and pop it in.

Frugal tip: Reserve your bacon grease for other cooking. Just pour it into a mug and keep in the refrig.

Freeze cooled bacon in baggies. To reheat put 2 slices in the microwave for 30 seconds.

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