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CVS – Soy Joy Bars

Posted by Lisa

In case you haven’t made your CVS run for this coming week, there’s been a lot of internet chatter about the Soy Joy Bars. A lot of folks don’t like the taste of any of them. Some like a few flavors, but not other flavors. It seems the majority of the people like the strawberry and the mango flavors (pink & yellow pkgs.). So, if you’ve never had them before, this is for you.

I like the strawberry only. My daughter and husband like both strawberry and mango. My boys don’t like either. We haven’t tried the others.

Free is free, right? You can always give them away! I scored the freebies we like. In fact I took the last of each kind.

Other than that, I got paid to take the toothpaste off the shelves again. I always max on the freebies and money makers. How did you do?

  1. TheBargainBabe Said,

    Thanks for the comment. :) I tried the ‘berry’ soyjoy bar. It was..mediocre.
    DH ate one and said he may take it for snacks sometimes.

    I got some mango but haven’t tried them yet or the strawberry. :)

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