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Frugal Gift Baskets

Posted by Lisa

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With all the freebies & cheapies I’ve been getting, I can come up with some pretty great gift basket ideas that work for me (and others).

First off, get the basket from a dollar store, garage sale or the attic.

1. Leave in the guest room – shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and maybe even some perfume samples. You could get a huge basket and include bath towels and washclothes that your guests will be using while they’re there.

2. Take to a friend in the hospital – fruit and granola bars. Even if the friend is in ICU (where no flowers are allowed) a basket like this can go a long way for family members who are there to help care for the patient. Our local hospital doesn’t even allow balloons anymore.

3. For those dealing with a recent death – sometimes the swarm of family and friends during the time of the funeral can be overwhelming. Toilet paper, paper plates, plastic ware, paper napkins, etc. are greatly appreciated if someone is hosting guests.

4. A new mom – diapers, wipes and all things baby. I’m sure you already know that. Throw in a few pick-me-ups for Mom. Candy is a sweet treat. Even some boxes of cold cereal to help get her through mornings with her older little ones would be appreciated. I remember those days of waking up to needy little people.

5. Any family you know in need – anything you can think of would be great to give! The sweetest game of doorbell ditching I’ve ever done. It’s fun and they don’t get mad :)

6. Going to a BBQ? Take the condiments in a basket for the hostess. Even if she doesn’t use them at the bbq, she’ll always have them as free replacements. It’s a thoughtful gesture.

7. Someone a little sick – could use some freebie meds, band-aids and a box of kleenex.

8. Thank you gift baskets – match great deals to the occasion. It just takes a little creativity.

Got any other ideas? Feel free to share.

  1. Tara @ Deal Seeking Mom Said,

    Great ideas, Lisa! I haven’t cleaned out my stash in ages, so I’m planning to do that this weekend. I’m sure I have plenty for gifting and garage sales and then some.


  2. Debbie Said,

    Great ideas! I love a gift basket!

  3. Wani Said,

    What great ideas! Thanks for sharing! Come on by Wani’s World sometime!

  4. craftymom Said,

    Great ideas! Gift baskets no longer have to be expensive!
    I really like the hospital basket.

  5. Kaye Said,

    Visiting via WMFW and wanted to really give you a huge kudos on these ideas. Some I had thought of but some of them I had not and they are really great ideas. I’m going to have to bookmark this post for reference. Thanks!

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