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Father’s Day

Posted by Lisa

I had the best Father’s Day. My dad died 8 years ago, so we weren’t able to celebrate the day with him. However, I had the coolest dream.

My daughter and I were getting out of the car, and Dad came walking over to us with a big smile. He looked young – in his early 50′s, with no gray hair. I knew he had been dead and I wanted to ask him how he got here, but I knew we only had about a minute with him. I said, with excitement, “Honey, get out of the car, that’s your grandpa!” She got out and from the look on her face I could tell she remembered him.

There were no hugs or words. He was sort of walking by, but saying a big happy hello to us with his facial expression. I remember thinking – Oh no! The boys aren’t here! Then I woke up. It was good to see him looking so young and happy.

My best friend died about 10 years ago. On occasion I get to dream about her as well. Though I don’t read anything into the dreams, aside from the obvious fact that I miss them both, I always wake up thankful for the visit.

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