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Round-Up Saturday

Posted by Lisa

Here are my favorite reads of the week. Hope you enjoy them as well.

There is the most beautiful post written at Rocks in My Dryer about life and death. Grab a kleenex before you start to read it though. It is a tender, thoughtful, well-written piece.

Lisa over at Cents-To-Save has an extensive list on helpful hints in the kitchen. Quite unique.

Jason, over at Frugal Dad wrote the best post on college savings plans. It’s such a great idea for grandparents to contribute, especially when their grandchildren are young. Babies and very little ones don’t even understand birthdays, Christmas and gifts. If you’re going to load them down with gifts, give it to them in the form of a college education. Grandparents, aunties, uncles,… can all contribute without fear of parents spending it on something else.

All aboard! If you’re traveling this summer, you might want to check out Amtrak fares. You might find it significantly cheaper than flying/driving. There’s a great article at Wise Bread reminding me of how nice train travel is.

  1. Frugal Dad Said,

    Thanks for mentioning my article. I really do believe in the collaborative savings plan for families. It helps increase balances quickly to keep pace with inflation while taking the burden off any one individual (or couple).

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