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Items I Get, But Don’t Pay For Anymore

Posted by Lisa

Though the deals haven’t been so sweet this week, I look at the long standing record and realize how much I’m saving my family. I consistently pay nothing for the following items (and many times actually make money for taking it off the store shelf). Having shopped like this, it truly bothers me to see someone at check out actually paying for these items.

Body wash
Liquid hand soap
Gum (I’m a piano teacher-we chew it all the time)
Excedrin (of one sort or another)

Lotion and some other items would also be on that list if I wasn’t so stinkin’ picky.

Not to mention all the items I pay pennies on the dollar for (pasta, cereal, toilet paper, paper towels,etc.). It also makes me wonder why, when I teach women how to shop like this, they don’t always jump all over it and take advantage of the incredible savings.

Okay ladies, help me out. What have I left off my list?

  1. Becca Said,

    batteries, toilet paper, dishwashing liquid… :-)

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