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Round-Up Saturday

Posted by Lisa

I will post my Round-Up on Saturdays. It is a list of articles I’ve read this week that I’ve really enjoyed and think you would too. I love a good read.

Trent, at The Simple Dollar wrote an article on one of his, and mine as well, pet peeves – greeting card companies. We are such suckers!

This article at Paid Twice reaffirms my belief that you should never consider your home a financial asset. You never stop paying for it. Even when the mortgage is paid off there are always repairs, taxes, etc.

Frugal Dad reminded me that even though everyone has been abuzz about Free Donut Day, it is the anniversary of D-Day today. We need to stop, think about its impact, talk with our children, remember all the great men and women who paved the way, give thanks to God for all we have, and acknowledge those still serving our country.

My neighbor, Carol, knows I clip coupons so she came over the other day with a few inserts for me and offered to give them to me every week. I appreciate that so much. To a coupon clipper, those inserts are gold! One less paper to buy (thank you, Carol). Melissa at A Penny Closer wrote an article called “Coupon Karma”. She talks about thoughtful giving/sharing of coupons like Carol did. It’s so easy to get into a hoarding mindset when you’re stockpiling. We need to be ever mindful to give.

  1. Frugal Dad Said,

    Thanks for mentioning my reminder about D-Day. I just didn’t get the feeling D-Day was being widely remembered in the media, so I would do my small part. Thanks for sharing it with your readers.

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