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Saving Money in the Kitchen – Summertime

Posted by Lisa

1. Grill out and do more microwave cooking – Don’t heat up the kitchen with the stove/oven.

2. Make your own popsicles – Such a variety of fruits & juices to use and it’s so much cheaper than store bought. Kids love to assist you in making these little treats. Much easier than baking cookies and less of a mess to clean up.

3. Keep your freezer and refrigerator stocked – The more food you have in there, the longer your unit will go without turning on to cool.

4. Open your dishwasher before the heat dry setting comes on – Keeps your kitchen from heating up even more. Just let your dishes air dry.

5. Ice, Ice, Baby – Did I just date myself? Use ice in your drinks to help keep cool. It’s a no-brainer for someone like me who is repulsed by room temperature drinks, but I know plenty of people who keep their drinking water on the counter (we do in cooler weather). Place it in the fridge if you have the room (see #3).

  1. Alyssa @ Keeping the Kingdom First Said,

    Your blog is looking great! Excellent list for saving money, thank you!

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