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Blow Up Pools!

Posted by Lisa

How do you keep your children’s boredom at bay during the summer months?

One thing will never go wrong with children – water! They can spend all day at the beach, in a pool, under a hose, having squirt gun wars, taking baths, and washing dishes or toys by hand in soapy sink water.

We have always invested in blow up pools. They fit perfectly on our back porch where we can watch the older “little ones” from inside the house. The pool is right up against our family room window giving me a 100% view from that room and the kitchen. I can watch them from the comfort of the air conditioned house.

The kids don’t want to come in for lunch. They request to eat on the deck and I oblige.

Now that my children are too old to use blow up pools (although I think my 2 younger boys would still love it), we have daily access to a neighbor’s pool. If we didn’t, I wouldn’t think twice about paying for a season pass to one of our city water parks or pools. They’re well worth the investment.

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