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Are You in a Breakfast Rut?

Posted by Lisa

In the heat of the summer (in Texas that can mean May-Oct), who wants to cook anything? I hate turning on the stove/oven to heat up the house so the air conditioner will kick on to cool it back down. Granted morning and evening are best times to heat then cool, I still don’t like it. I’m not a big fan of cooking to begin with and I don’t like to wake up to making breakfast if it’s going to take more than 5 minutes of concentration :) So, what’s for breakfast on this hot day? Here are some ideas. You may like them, you may not. If you’re in a rut (don’t we all get into those cooking ruts on occasion or is it just me?) maybe this will help pull you out.

I sound grumpy this morning, don’t I?

Fruit salad (’tis the season for berries and melons)
Hard boiled eggs (not a lot of heat and I can walk away and sit)
Bagels, cinnamon raisin bread, English muffins, peanut butter toast
Yogurt parfaits with granola & fruit
Oatmeal with pure maple syrup (1 minute cooking time)
Cheese & crackers
Cold cereal (Doesn’t everyone still have leftover freebies?)
Granola bars
Apples & peanut butter
String cheese
Cottage cheese (my kiddos won’t gag this down, but maybe yours love it)
Bake ahead and freeze ideas: waffles, banana bread, muffins, pancakes

Do share if you have any other ideas.

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