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Frugal Gift Giving

Posted by Lisa

Frugal gifts don’t always need to come from garage sales, the local dollar store and Walmart. They come from the heart.A dear friend of mine told me her best wedding present was one her sister-in-law gave her. It was an outdated calendar, but in it was written every family member’s birthday, anniversary, and special moments days. She was so thankful for the present and many, many years later still uses it. What a perfect gift to give a new sister-in-law!

I also remember a friend in college who was from New Jersey, but was going to school in Texas. He had to have some sort of operation on his jaw while at school. Several of his NJ friends got together and sent him a care package. They sent him pictures, letters, baby food and beautiful autumn leaves as packing material (no autumn in Texas). It’s been over 25 years, but I still remember how much my friend was touched by such a creative, funny, simple (and frugal) gift.

As a going away present for a friend, I made her a book by cutting out pictures from magazines and writing silly captions which told the story of our friendship and how much I appreciated her. It took a lot of time, a lot of heart, but no money. It was fun and it turned out to be such a hit I wish I had made a copy for myself.

I’m still hanging in there with drawing and would one day love to do portraits as gifts. I don’t consider myself anywhere near ready yet.

I love creative, thoughtful, funny homemade gifts like those. I run out of ideas quickly and would appreciate any and all help with fresh new gift ideas. I can’t bring myself to do coupon gifts or any recipe in a jar gifts. Yuck. I’m too old to give those cheap, outdated (not to mention the fact they’re not thoughtful or creative) gifts. Got any ideas to share?

  1. Shari Ellen Said,

    These are thoughtful ideas. I’m not that creative and I’m on the lookout for ideas, too. Here is one thing that we do every Christmas. My kids make Christmas ornaments for their grandparents. I’ve heard of people making gifts using photos. I like your idea of drawing portraits, but I don’t have that talent.

  2. Ann Kroeker Said,

    I love these ideas–the calendar with birthdays for the new in-law was sweet, but I love your collage-like gift very much, as well. So nice of you to encourage us to go for it and trust that it will be appreciated!

  3. Sarah W. Said,

    I like your ideas! I am always looking for ideas on the cheap. I have an idea that is similar to your calendar. My husband’s cousin got married this past year. I gave her an address book filled with as many family members as I know. Even though she probably had all of them collected for her invitations, an unorganized person would not have an address book and would enjoy having it all in one place!

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