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Bacon Wapped Tater Tots

Posted by Lisa

Use Ore-Ida tater tots and D’Artagnan wild boar bacon . The wild boar bacon actually turned out to be the perfect bacon for this, because the strips are smaller and don’t overwhelm the tots.

Cut each piece of wild boar bacon in half and wrap a piece around each tot. place them on a cookie sheet and bake them at 430 degrees for about 18 minutes.

The result is absolutely delicious and completely sinful. They wouldn’t be bad with a pickle slice on top.  These would make a fantastic snack for an afternoon of watching sports or entertaining friends.

  1. Lisa D. Said,

    Ooooh! I’ll have to try these. I’ve done Bacon Wrapped Smokies with brown sugar, and those are always a big hit. Tater Tots sound great.

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