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My Points

Posted by Lisa

Someone told me about My Points and in just over a week I’ve earned 100 pts. Once you get above 1,000 you can start ‘shopping’ at My Points for free meals at local restaurants, gas cards etc. in the form of gift certificates (sent to your home free of charge). I haven’t cashed any in yet, but I anticipate a free date night with my husband at least every 4 months.

It’s so easy. They send you emails every day (usually 1-3). All you have to do is click on them to earn points. If you qualify to complete a short survey they will give you 500-1,000 points (points vary with surveys).

It takes less than a minute for me to open an email, earn 5 points and delete it. Just go to MyPoints.com (no I’m not getting any points or money for this). Wish I could though. I’m just passing along the freebie info.

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