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Stockpile Garage Sale Results

Posted by Lisa

I just finished my first stockpile garage sale. I made $241.00 – woo hoo! I sold all those freebie CVS items I’ve stocked since February for the following prices and they sold like hot cakes. I held my ground, didn’t go down on price for anyone and they flew off the table!

$1 – Toothpastes, toothbrushes, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, body wash, liquid hand soap, Johnson’s Buddy bath bars, unopened make-up

50c – Revlon emery board packs

Not only were those items freebies, sometimes I was paid to take them off the shelves (if I used coupons). Not only a great deal for me, but a great deal for those who came to the garage sale.

Not to mislead you – I made over $100 on the freebies. We had other junk I got to get rid of as well. Let’s hear it for decluttering!

It’s over and we’re ordering pizza for dinner. I may be frugal, but I’m no fool. Going to bed early tonight!

  1. Lisa D. Said,

    Way to go, Lisa. I just had a sale today (Memorial Day) and came out with $379 total. (About $50 was from household stuff, but the rest was CVS stash.) Isn’t it fun? Congratulations on your first sale.

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