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Save Money by In-Home Recycling of Your Sunday Papers

Posted by Lisa

I stack and clip coupons out of ten newspapers every Sunday. I’m tired of the papers overflowing my too-small-already recycling bin. I’m recycling them in our home and saving money.

I cut off the folds and cut right up the middle of the paper. This makes the pieces perfect size for disposing feminine hygiene products and I’m saving toilet paper doing this.

I pile the cut papers in a basket and store them under the sink. I have a master bath so guests will never see this. However, I’m not the only woman in the home. My daughter is using this method as well, so together we’re saving double the toilet paper, money and countless trees! :)

Please email me if you have any other great ideas about what we can do with all these papers.

  1. Kasi Said,

    We always did that when I was living @ home. My mom said it helped control odors in the trash as well.

    Now I use cloth, and will never switch back.

  2. Lisa Said,

    You’re a greener woman than I am. I just can’t bring myself to do that – cleaning and reusing. I have a friend who uses cloth as well and swears by it. Maybe someday I’ll venture to do it, but I’m still taking baby steps into green living. Kuddos to you!

  3. Kasi Said,

    I have to admit that ‘green’ was an afterthought. I just really got tired of paying money for items that are full of chemicals, were going straight to the trash and I got tired of always making sure I had a stash for the next month. I also cloth diapered my kids and I was always jealous of how soft their cloth diapers were!

    gladrags.com is a site that has great products, as well as keeper.com

  4. Amanda Said,

    Great idea! Do you really use it up that way? I’m using newspaper I’ve collected from other people to fill in uneven ground and cover the weeds in my garden! I’ll cover them with grass clippings from our neighbors and compost from our bins… Ooh, I think I know what I’m writing about for the next WFMW! :)

  5. Leslie Said,

    I’ll take some newspapers, Lisa! My kids want to make paper mache things. :)

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