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Common Cold Remedy (Yes, I said “Remedy”)

Posted by Lisa

A couple of months ago, my mother went into the hospital. My family all had colds. I felt a cold coming on (I can always tell when I’m coming down with one) and certainly didn’t want my mother to come down with it, so I went to the health food store. The people who work at this particular store are very knowledgeable. I said, “I’m coming down with a cold and need to take care of someone coming out of the hospital tomorrow. Give me the best of what you have.”

They gave me:
GSE Liquid Concentrate (Grapefruit Seed Extract) 2 fl. oz. cost $10.95
CC-A made by Nature’s Sunshine – 100 Capsules cost $15.25

I was told to put 15 drops of the GSE in 8oz. of water and drink this mixture 3x/day.
I was also told to take 5 CC-A capsules every hour on the hour with water.

Not kidding…the next morning I felt better and never came down with the cold. I’ve tried this once since then and it worked again. Then, my daughter and I did this routine the day before we flew to Washington D.C. because someone in our family always picks up crud on airplanes and brings it home to share. We never caught anything.

Just wanted to share this with you in case you have a situation ever come up where it’s truly detrimental to have a cold around someone. For our family, seemingly we can spend $35 in kleenex alone when colds get passed around our house. FYI.

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