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Working from Home

Posted by Lisa

I’m a huge proponent of starting with what you have. Do you have equipment/skill/knowledge/passion you can use? Do it. Start there and build. Be creative. I have a computer, the ability to organize anything, and years of music instruction.

I took piano lessons for many years as a child. When my daughter started lessons I sat in on a couple and realized I could teach her for free! I remembered my music training because I had gone on to other instruments like flute, piccolo & oboe. I decided to put our piano to more use than just her practicing. I bought some books, brushed up and began to offer piano lessons to the elementary school/beginners only crowd. I continue with that crowd after many years of teaching because that’s just the age group and skill level I prefer. I’m fortunate to live in an area where people are paying over $80/month for lessons. I don’t charge quite that much and have a steady stream of students. I’m too busy to work more than one afternoon a week, but it helps with the family finances.

Our daughter has started teaching lessons as well. She teaches two very young neighbor children and is learning a lot about the responsibilities of consistently being there for her students, preparing, following through and bookkeeping. She doesn’t charge nearly as much as I do, but she will be able to earn more the older she gets and the more students she acquires. We have restraints based on her age and commitments to her own education and other worthwhile pursuits. Her business may grow as she does. She knows how much I make from students and she’ll have the same skill set to be able to use for the rest of her life if she chooses.

I’m just looking forward to the boys being old enough to mow yards together. They can do ours for free as their showcase lawn. Hope they appreciate my plans for them.

What about you? What have you done? Are you earning an income from the equipment you have at home/your skills?

  1. Daniel E. Friedman Said,

    I constantly use my recording and typesetting software at home for film and classical composing. I teach piano as well. It’s nice to see you enjoying a small amount of teaching. Keep it up.

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