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Going Green?

Posted by Lisa

Now there’s a hot topic.

My daughter is currently working on a speech for next year’s NCFCA competition. It isn’t exactly about going green, but it is all about how recycling is every Christian’s responsibility. She sites scriptural mandates of man being given dominion over the whole earth and talks about how we want the privileges without the responsibility of being good stewards. Her speech addresses the Green movement as a form of idolatry if people are putting the creation ahead of the Creator.

Her speech also addresses the argument, “The earth is not perishing, souls are!” While souls are perishing, and while we have the Great Commission of telling others about the love of Jesus Christ, we still have our normal daily responsibilities to tend to. We’re not to make “green” a god, but a daily responsibility.

I believe her speech is a very balanced view. In spite of it all, I still don’t recycle and use my canvas shopping totes nearly as much as I should. She’s a little voice in my ear that challenges me to better living as her final question is, “Is your disposal of garbage done in a God-honoring or selfish way?” Ouch.

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